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In the magic world, a war was started with some minor border conflicts, but ended up more serious when the empire started –with some minor border conflicts, but ended up more serious when the Empire started invading for real, in what was known as the Argyre/Syrtis Subcontinent Invasion. The Hellas Empire’s invading forces, with the incredible offensive magic power they possessed, were right nigh-on unstoppable. And yet after the second attempt to retake Ostia ended in failure, the empire resorted to making use of a large-scale transportation magic. They went straight for the confederation’s neck, taking out the Great Bridge, a fortification spanning 300 kilometers. It was a masterly strike, snuffing out Confederation’s fate like a candle before a gale. And that is where Nagi came in. The great Nagi Guerilla Knights (Ala Rubra) went from fighting a losing battle way out at the Argyre borders to right out on the front lines, fighting the war practically single-handedly. A great battle was fought, and, in its course (in which Nagi and his comrades secured the recapture of the Great Bridge) the tide of war changed completely. The Confederation pushed back the enemy forces, and even began moving into the Empire’s own territory. It was then that Ala Rubra met the Princess Arika from the Vespertatia family. Nagi was taken with her, but not Arika with Nagi (or so it appeared…). Her Highness Arika, Anarchia Enteofushia, princess of a nation ever caught in the middle of the struggles between the two great powers of the empire and the Confederation, acted as an arbitrator between the two herself. She tried to put an end to the war, but failed; the reason why she sought out Ala Rubra. It was suspected that the mysterious organization Cosmo Entelecheia, was behind the effort to keep the war going (suspected for the benefit of profit). With Ala Rubra’s help, Arika was able to gather the intel she needed that would help end the war (as well as proving herself to be a force to be reckoned with, as well as a stubborn young woman).

This is the part where I demonstrate my love of wiki:


With the Confederation and the Empire (not even Arika’s own country) as allies, and the higher-ups in Ostia rumored to be heavily corrupted by the enemy, things began to get tough for the princess Ala Rubra. But Akira was not deterred. She took Nagi for her knight (seeing as he was no longer a soldier of the Confederation, and announced that they would continue to fight on to preserve the good. Nagi then offered his wings and his staff to Arika, and as well as to be under her command. The counterattack began, with the group not knowing who was really on their side and who was the enemy. Through the battling, the intel of the group decided who they were to fight, and they were to not. Not to mention with the princess on their side, they managed to secure more allies. Eventually, they closed in on the enemy’s base, which was smack dab in the middle of Ostia’s royal palace, known as the “Gravekeepers’ Palace”. It was there that Ala Rubra engaged the enemy (the masterminds of the Cosmo Entelecheia) in battle…and won. While this happened, a massive scale magical decay phenomenon occurred, on a course to engulf the entire world. Arika ordered a massive-scale sealing enchantment, which managed to save the entire magical world from destruction (Nagi: Heheh…that’s a princess for you. In the end, she saved our asses.) Back in Ostia, much later after the close-call, Arika awarded Ala Rubra handsomely for aiding her.


Much later in time, the world of magic was once again in jeopardy, with Arika now queen of Ostia. Striving to protect the magic world, she took it upon herself to do something incredibly painful for both her, and more than 3% of the capital that had not been evacuated: she sacrificed her own country. Two months later, Arika was arguing the plight of her remaining citizens to the national court, arguing that the citizens who had sacrificed their home for the magic world deserved some measure of aid. However, in the middle of her urging for aid, she was placed under arrest for the murder of her father, the king, and for suspected connections with Cosmo Entelecheia. Arrested and imprisoned, it did not take long before Arika was scheduled to be executed two years later. She was told that everyone was still restless after the war, and only the placing of blame would ease the suffering cries of the people. The people of the world were weary from the hardships of war and were eager to find a sacrifice upon whom they could empty all of their dissatisfaction and hatred, and the queen was the perfect solution. Murdering her father and destroying her own country, increasing societal unrest by forcing other countries to take in numerous refugees, passing the international law legalizing slavery – a law that quickly became infamous amongst the common folk as the “Death Collar Act”…Arika was being showered with criticism from all sides. Eventually she became known as the “Queen of Calamity”, and not a single person remained who would publicly take her side. Even though it was she who had saved the world. Arika claimed that, if by taking upon herself the hatred of the masses and going to her death, that the suffering of the world can be reduced even a little, then she could ask of nothing more, and would meet her fate accordingly. Crushed under the weight of regret for sins she never committed, Arika seemed to have lost all sight of hope. At the Valley of Death (a large pit with many awful beasts at the bottom, nicknamed Hell), Arika was prepared to step over the gang-plank and fall to her death, with only one regret: that she was not able to see Nagi one more time (revealed, that she had come to love him over the time they spent together). Arika plunged to her death…only to be rescued by Nagi (with his comrades handling the execution-watchers above). Nagi managed to evade the demonic monsters below, coming out of the pit on his staff, with the queen in his arms. Once out of the pit, Nagi and Arika confessed their love for one another, and agreed to marry once they felt they were safe. However, they were unable to regain Arika’s honor, as it appeared to almost all, that the former queen had died. Much much later, once they were married, Nagi and Arika had their one and only child, their son, Negi. Soon after this, they went into hiding, leaving Negi behind. It is revealed that she is still very much alive, somewhere behind the scenes, perhaps even keeping a watch on her son.


And, summed up humorously by Akira’s son Negi’s friend: “Look, basically the Megalomesembrian Senate were total bad guys! Like, super ultra bad! Then there’s Arika-sama, who was this total hottle, but the horrible senators used her for their own evil stuff… There where Awesome Hero Thousand Master Nagi comes in! A thrilling rescue! Then they get married and it’s all one big happy end! And then the two of them ended up having a kid, and that was Negi-kun, but it turns out the real bad guys who attacked Negi-kun’s village were the horrible Megalomesembrian Senate again, so it’s like, ‘oh crap!’!! So basically these guys have been doing horrible stuff to Negi-kun’s family for two whole generations!!”


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